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Build Status

What's this?

iij/mruby is a fork of mruby, a lightweight implementation of the Ruby language. This fork adds a lot of features to be run on IIJ's Internet router products: SEIL series and SA-W1.


The majority of features developed in this repository are provided as mrbgems now. These mrbgems can be used with either mruby/mruby or iij/mruby.

Repository Description Build Status
mruby-digest Digest module Build Status
mruby-dir Dir class Build Status
mruby-env ENV object Build Status
mruby-errno Errno module Build Status
mruby-iijson JSON module Build Status
mruby-io IO and File classes Build Status
mruby-mock mock framework to support method stub Build Status
mruby-mtest unittesting framework like MiniTest Build Status
mruby-pack Array#pack and String#unpack Build Status
mruby-process Process module Build Status
mruby-regexp-pcre Regexp and MatchData classes utilizing PCRE library Build Status
mruby-require Kernel#require Build Status
mruby-simple-random smaller alternative of mruby-random Build Status
mruby-socket BSD socket API classes including Socket Build Status
mruby-syslog Syslog class Build Status
mruby-tempfile Tempfile class Build Status

Branch Policy

  • master : tracking upstream (mruby/mruby), synchronized every morning.
  • iij : our main development branch
  • s1 : stable version (#1) of iij branch
  • stable_1_0 : IIJ's private stable version (#2) based on mruby forum's 1.0.0 release
  • (else) : for pull-request, etc.

Continuous Integration

If you want to run the tests on your platform, try the following commands:

  $ rake test
  $ ./test/posix/


This software is licensed under the same license terms of the original mruby.