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A tool to easily create multiple appointments with repeating details
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A tool to easily create multiple appointments with repeating details. This is a complete rework of the classic UWP-app Revent on the Microsoft Store build on a new codebase to improve reliability and stability.


Please keep in mind that active development of this project has been halted. Feel free to fork it and build your own version of it or use snippets of code for your own projects.

Get the app

For purists: you can build and tinker with the project yourself.

Supported Windows versions

Minimal supported Windows 10 version: 18362 (1903)

Minimal supported Windows 10 version (mobile-branch): 17763 (1809)

Currently supported systems:

  • Windows 10 Desktop ✔
  • Windows 10 Team ✔
  • Windows 10 Holographic ✔
  • Windows 10 Mobile
  • Windows 10 Xbox

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