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Use your Android device with Termux as a Proxmark3 client.
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Termux Proxmark3 Client

This script helps you to compile and run the Proxmark3 client on Android. No special software is needed, just the Termux app.

The script will install the RDV4 version of the client.


  • Android device with root access and USB-OTG support
  • USB-OTG adapter
  • Termux app
  • Proxmark3 with the latest (git master branch) RDV4 firmware flashed on it

Root access is needed for now. There are plans in the Termux community to support USB-OTG and Bluetooth devices. It should be possible to drop the root requirement once Termux has USB-OTG and/or Bluetooth support.


Run the following commands in Termux:

pkg install git
git clone
cd termux-pm3
bash install

There are some issues with Android 5.x and 7.x (and maybe other) which stops the compiling process. Try the following command, it might help:

bash termux-pm3-sh install ignore-warnings

If you don't have a Proxmark RDV4 you need to add the PLATFORM=PM3OTHER flag. You might also want to check out PLATFORM=help.

bash termux-pm3-sh install [ignore-warnings] PLATFORM=PM3OTHER

Another hint: Do not run this script from within /sdcard. This could lead to troubles regarding the permission to execute a binary. Just run it from within the Termux root (default) directory.


Connect the Proxmark3 via USB-OTG to your Android device and run the following command from within the termux-pm3 folder in Termux:

bash run

To update the Proxmark3 client just run:

bash update [ignore-warnings] [PLATFORM=PM3OTHER]
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