Full history of the first AMQP implementation 2004-2009
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Copyright (c) 2007-2009 iMatix Corporation

**Historical note**: the AMQP specifications evolved as part of this
project, in the docs directory. Check out older tags to see this design
coming together over time. OpenAMQ/1.0 coincided with the start of the
AMQP Working Group.

This is the OpenAMQ source distribution, and consists of the following

- common, shared files used by OpenAMQ WireAPI and server
- client, the OpenAMQ WireAPI client libraries and test program
- server, the OpenAMQ server
- operate, the OpenAMQ management shell
- website, OpenAMQ documentation

The OpenAMQ source code is provided under the GNU General
Public License (GPL) for free software developers, and the iMatix
General Terms of Business for commercial developers.

In order to allow usage of the OpenAMQ WireAPI libraries in non-free
applications, the final output of the code generation process from the
"OpenAMQ Common" and "OpenAMQ WireAPI" source code is distributed under
the terms of the BSD license.  For the avoidance of doubt, please see
the individual source files for copying conditions.

Please see the online documentation at http://www.openamq.org/ to get

OpenAMQ is developed by iMatix Corporation.  For information and updates
please see http://www.openamq.org/.