Source for the demo at the CFSummit 2017 session, "Containerization with ColdFusion"
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CFSummit2017: Containerization with ColdFusion

Demo content from the CFSummit 2017 session, Containerization with ColdFusion
Includes source to build images in demo1 (ColdFusion), and demo6 (API Manager)


  • source/commands.txt lists down all commands used during the demo
  • As a best practice, images are built on Linux, and are used in Windows / Linux
  • commands.txt includes comments to indicate the difference in usage on Linux
  • The wwwroot/ directory could be placed at /opt/wwwroot, or C:/wwwroot, for the scripts to work as-is

About the ColdFusion image

  • Built on Ubuntu 16.04
  • Barebones. Has the latest update applied on a standalone installation. Does not contain, Jetty, Solr, PDF
  • Installation location: /opt/coldfusion
  • Webroot: Redefined to, /app
  • CAR archives present in /data will be automatically imported
  • /CFIDE, /cf_scripts, /WEB-INF are virtual directories on Tomcat. Available on 8500. Unavailable when configured with the connector
  • Environment variables: -e password=Admn1$ // Updates Password
    -e enableSecureProfile=true // Enables secure Profile
    -e configureExternalSessions=true // Setup external storage
    -e externalSessionsHost= // Specify Redis Host. Defaults to localhost
    -e externalSessionsPort= // Specify Redis Port. Defaults to 6379
    -e externalSessionsPassword= // Specify Redis Password. Defaults to empty.
    -e setupScript=<CFM present in /app> // Executes the CFM script on ColdFusion startup, and deletes it once a response is received.
  • Before going live, mount the latest JRE to /opt/coldfusion/jre. This is required due to a security loophole

Video Walkthrough

A video walkthrough has been uploaded at YouTube


This is a work in progress. Make informed choices / customization.