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Error while loading rule 'import/no-unused-modules': Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'get') #2388

tomdglenn91 opened this issue Feb 21, 2022 · 7 comments


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tomdglenn91 commented Feb 21, 2022

So this one may be difficult to reproduce as I cannot replicate in a sandbox, but in my big codebase it breaks.

I have a mixture of javascript and typescript as we migrate over to ts, and have just switched on this rule. I have it configured as such:

'import/no-unused-modules': [
            unusedExports: true,
            src: [path.join(__dirname, 'src', 'main')],
            ignoreExports: ['**/white/**'],

This is turned on for both javascript and the typescript overrides. I basically do not want to use this rule in anything that exists in a folder called white. This is due to some module hacking we are doing to overwrite code at build time.

I get the following stack trace when it errors:

❯ yarn run eslint --ext .js --ext .jsx --ext .ts --ext .tsx src/main/constants
yarn run v1.22.17
$ /Users/tom/code/projects/frontend/node_modules/.bin/eslint --ext .js --ext .jsx --ext .ts --ext .tsx src/main/constants

Oops! Something went wrong! :(

ESLint: 7.32.0

TypeError: Error while loading rule 'import/no-unused-modules': Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'get')
Occurred while linting /Users/tom/code/projects/frontend/src/main/constants/access-permissions.js
    at /Users/tom/code/projects/frontend/node_modules/eslint-plugin-import/lib/rules/no-unused-modules.js:277:44
    at Set.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at /Users/tom/code/projects/frontend/node_modules/eslint-plugin-import/lib/rules/no-unused-modules.js:274:11
    at Map.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at prepareImportsAndExports (/Users/tom/code/projects/frontend/node_modules/eslint-plugin-import/lib/rules/no-unused-modules.js:273:13)
    at doPreparation (/Users/tom/code/projects/frontend/node_modules/eslint-plugin-import/lib/rules/no-unused-modules.js:344:3)
    at Object.create (/Users/tom/code/projects/frontend/node_modules/eslint-plugin-import/lib/rules/no-unused-modules.js:484:9)
    at createRuleListeners (/Users/tom/code/projects/frontend/node_modules/eslint/lib/linter/linter.js:765:21)
    at /Users/tom/code/projects/frontend/node_modules/eslint/lib/linter/linter.js:937:31
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
error Command failed with exit code 2.
info Visit for documentation about this command.

I can get around this by going into the code itself in node_modules and changing:

var currentExports = exportList.get(val);
var currentExport = currentExports.get(EXPORT_ALL_DECLARATION);


var currentExports = exportList.get(val);
if (currentExports) {
  var currentExport = currentExports.get(EXPORT_ALL_DECLARATION);

I can raise a PR for this if necessary, however before doing so I wanted to check if this seems like a valid solution as I wasn't sure if it could be something my side (I also couldn't figure out your testing pattern in the 10 minutes i looked!)


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ljharb commented Feb 21, 2022

This plugin will crawl your entire dep graph, including stuff in the white folder. You may need the import/ignore setting.

Can you share the code that it’s erroring on?

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tomdglenn91 commented Feb 21, 2022

The file it falls over on is a simple constants file.

export const REGISTER = 'register'
export const CLASS = 's_class'
export const ORDERS = 's_orders'

For experimentation, I tried just deleting this file and it then errors on the next file down the list. I assume it's just the first file it tries to lint.

I can try adding the same glob to import/ignore, but to be honest I didn't quite understand the import/ignore rule to begin with 😞 .

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ljharb commented Feb 21, 2022

In this case, I’m talking about a global setting, not a rule - see the docs.

I assume even though you’re on eslint 7, you’re on the latest version of the plugin?

what file imports that access-permissions file?

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tomdglenn91 commented Feb 21, 2022

Ah sorry I meant the global setting yeah.

I am indeed on the latest version (^2.25.4) with eslint 7. Have tried upgrading to eslint 8 but the issue still occurs.

It's imported all over the place which may make this more difficult. An example is we have it imported from constants/permissions, then from helpers. It's a pretty big spaghetti mess.

I went to the extreme and deleted all of constants as well as some other huge directories and the issue still occurs.

edit: I deleted basically everything and started adding it back in slowly to find a culprit. It started erroring the second I added a folder back in that contained a white folder.

I should have mentioned this fact earlier (sorry) as it may be important: Files inside the white folder are never imported directly. Would this be a candidate to add it to the import/ignore config?

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tomdglenn91 commented Feb 21, 2022

I've managed to recreate it! The culprit seems to be when there's an index file. I don't know the specifics without digging into your code (stuck at work right now 😭 ) .

I've managed however to recreate it in a tiny little repository. I hope this format is okay to observe the issue:

Screenshot 2022-02-21 at 18 57 37

The second i delete the index.js file, everything is all good.

Screenshot 2022-02-21 at 18 58 14

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ljharb commented Mar 1, 2022

@tomdglenn91 could you share that repo? That would make it much easier to fix this :-)

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tomdglenn91 commented Mar 13, 2022

@tomdglenn91 could you share that repo? That would make it much easier to fix this :-)

Hey sorry for the radio silence. I've pushed the repo up here:

If you try to run the linter, you get an error , despite the folder being ignored. If you remove the index.js file however, the linter will run again fine. I've gotten around this by adding the matching ignoreExports to import/ignore config as you mentioned above.

ljharb added a commit to ljharb/eslint-plugin-import that referenced this issue Mar 13, 2022
ljharb added a commit to ljharb/eslint-plugin-import that referenced this issue Mar 13, 2022
@ljharb ljharb closed this as completed in 8b7000e Mar 13, 2022
crapStone pushed a commit to Calciumdibromid/CaBr2 that referenced this issue Apr 9, 2022
This PR contains the following updates:

| Package | Type | Update | Change |
| [eslint-plugin-import]( | devDependencies | minor | [`2.25.4` -> `2.26.0`]( |


### Release Notes


### [`v2.26.0`](;2260---2022-04-05)

[Compare Source](import-js/eslint-plugin-import@v2.25.4...v2.26.0)

##### Added

-   \[`no-named-default`, `no-default-export`, `prefer-default-export`, `no-named-export`, `export`, `named`, `namespace`, `no-unused-modules`]: support arbitrary module namespace names (\[[#&#8203;2358](import-js/eslint-plugin-import#2358)], thanks \[[@&#8203;sosukesuzuki](])
-   \[`no-dynamic-require`]: support dynamic import with espree (\[[#&#8203;2371](import-js/eslint-plugin-import#2371)], thanks \[[@&#8203;sosukesuzuki](])
-   \[`no-relative-packages`]: add fixer (\[[#&#8203;2381](import-js/eslint-plugin-import#2381)], thanks \[[@&#8203;forivall](])

##### Fixed

-   \[`default`]: `typescript-eslint-parser`: avoid a crash on exporting as namespace (thanks \[[@&#8203;ljharb](])
-   \[`export`]/TypeScript: false positive for typescript namespace merging (\[[#&#8203;1964](import-js/eslint-plugin-import#1964)], thanks \[[@&#8203;magarcia](])
-   \[`no-duplicates`]: ignore duplicate modules in different TypeScript module declarations (\[[#&#8203;2378](import-js/eslint-plugin-import#2378)], thanks \[[@&#8203;remcohaszing](])
-   \[`no-unused-modules`]: avoid a crash when processing re-exports (\[[#&#8203;2388](import-js/eslint-plugin-import#2388)], thanks \[[@&#8203;ljharb](])

##### Changed

-   \[Tests] `no-nodejs-modules`: add tests for node protocol URL (\[[#&#8203;2367](import-js/eslint-plugin-import#2367)], thanks \[[@&#8203;sosukesuzuki](])
-   \[Tests] `default`, `no-anonymous-default-export`, `no-mutable-exports`, `no-named-as-default-member`, `no-named-as-default`: add tests for arbitrary module namespace names (\[[#&#8203;2358](import-js/eslint-plugin-import#2358)], thanks \[[@&#8203;sosukesuzuki](])
-   \[Docs] \[`no-unresolved`]: Fix RegExp escaping in readme (\[[#&#8203;2332](import-js/eslint-plugin-import#2332)], thanks \[[@&#8203;stephtr](])
-   \[Refactor] `namespace`: try to improve performance (\[[#&#8203;2340](import-js/eslint-plugin-import#2340)], thanks \[[@&#8203;ljharb](])
-   \[Docs] make rule doc titles consistent (\[[#&#8203;2393](import-js/eslint-plugin-import#2393)], thanks \[[@&#8203;TheJaredWilcurt](])
-   \[Docs] `order`: TS code examples should use TS code blocks (\[[#&#8203;2411](import-js/eslint-plugin-import#2411)], thanks \[[@&#8203;MM25Zamanian](])
-   \[Docs] `no-unresolved`: fix link (\[[#&#8203;2417](import-js/eslint-plugin-import#2417)], thanks \[[@&#8203;kylemh](])



### Configuration

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