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Generate RSS feed from GitHub Issues
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Generate RSS feed from GitHub Issues.

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Some engineers take GitHub Issues as blogs. It's easy to use, supporting Markdown, Git, code highlighting, comments, notifications, and lots of fancy features. But there isn't a feed address for it. So I write this project.


  1. Open project's issues page on GitHub.
  2. Paste its URL to the input field on gh-feed's index page, or just replace with
  3. Get your feed address.

To customize your feed, you can add filters on issues page.

To Run

1. Set Your GitHub Token (optional)

By default gh-feed uses GitHub API, but rate of requests is limited by GitHub.

For requests using Basic Authentication or OAuth, you can make up to 5,000 requests per hour. For unauthenticated requests, the rate limit allows you to make up to 60 requests per hour. Unauthenticated requests are associated with your IP address, and not the user making requests.

For higher rate, you need to create config.js as follows:

module.exports = {
    token: 'Your GitHub token'

You can use personal access token or register an application and generate a token for it.

Once you runs out your requests, gh-feed will load the full issues page to generate feed, which costs much more than using GitHub API.

2. Run It

npm install && npm start



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