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Inbucket is an email testing service; it will accept messages for any email address and make them available via web, REST and POP3 interfaces. Once compiled, Inbucket does not have any external dependencies - HTTP, SMTP, POP3 and storage are all built in.

A Go client for the REST API is available in - Go API docs

Read more at the Inbucket Website


Development Status

Inbucket is currently production quality: it is being used for real work.

Please see the Change Log and Issues List for more details. If you'd like to contribute code to the project check out


Inbucket has automated Docker Image builds via Docker Hub. The latest tag tracks our tagged releases, and edge tracks our potentially unstable main branch.

Building from Source

You will need functioning Go and Node.js installations for this to work.

git clone
cd inbucket/ui
yarn install
yarn build
cd ..
go build ./cmd/inbucket

For more information on building and development flows, check out the Development Quickstart page of our wiki.

Configure and Launch

Inbucket reads its configuration from environment variables, but comes with reasonable defaults built-in. It should work on most Unix and OS X machines as is. Launch the daemon:


By default the SMTP server will be listening on localhost port 2500 and the web interface will be available at localhost:9000.

See doc/ for more information on configuring Inbucket, but you will likely find the Configurator tool the easiest way to generate a configuration.


Inbucket is written in Go and Elm.

Inbucket is open source software released under the MIT License. The latest version can be found at