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###First Draft ###Proposal for GA WDI-Diamonds Final project.

My idea is for a website that tracks player statistics for those playing the official Barclay's Premiere League fantasy game (

Statistics will be obtained from here: and are updated approximately 1 hour after the last game of each game day.

I am picturing a layout similar to this site, which tracks the liklihood that a player will increase in value. The columns on my site would list each of the potential scoring categories, the player's tally in that category, and their total points. I would also include their current price and calculations such as value, e.g. points per £, and the current expected final score - that is, the final score if a player continues on his current pace.

I would probably do the initial calculations in Excel to make sure I get the correct values. Each column would be sortable.

I would also like to include a custom column where registered users could enter their own projected final score for a player.

In addition, clicking on each player's name would render a line graph showing their points each week and cumulative score. I'd like to calculate a line for the expected total if a player's pace continues and a line for a user entered expected final score. The difference between the two could show, all things being equal, how the player's performance might change over the rest of the season.

14 out of 38 games have been played in the 2016-17 season, which will end around mid-May.








PSQL makes sense to me since stats would be in a table format but datum are not relational, would a Mongo document for each player be a better way to organize this? Is it blasphemy to use Mongo for the data and psql to hold info for registered users? Seems like this would get complicated when associating a user with certain players - e.g. saving some customized stats or creating a watch list. I'm open to recommentations or suggestions.

I'd like to use React but not sure where it would be added in here. I suppose one table column could be the "custom" total value, which would automatically recalculate other columns such as pace.

Concept: Football is the most popular sport in the world and online fantasy sports are a billion dollar industry. While American-centric sports such as football, basketball, and baseball have many options for statistical analysis, there is a dearth of it - at least in the same format as other sports, for football, (that is, soccer).

Technology: I'd like to use React but am not convinced there is a use case for it in my current concept. PSQL backend, ChartJs graphs, bcrypt for storing passwords. Not gonna mess with auth until the rest is done.

User Stories: Rafael is a soccer afficionado and wants to see what fantasy sports is like. He signs up for the official Barclay's Premiere Leage fantasy game but is not sure which players to select for his team. By using FPL-Stats he can see which players score the most points, but just as importantly, he can see which are the best value for their cost. Since he is such a soccahead he can enter his own estimates of how many points a player will score and see the differential betweeen his estimates and the boilerplate estimates. This allows Rafael to get ahead of his competition.

Wireframes: Soon to be on the imgur front page - keep refreshing!

Time Table (NEW!!!): Include an ideal time table for yourself with dates. Include time for planning. By what dates do you want to get each part done? This should be regimented and atainable, but we won't be holding you to it.

Parse data object, setup database, front-end skeleton

Set up routes
  -- set up bcrypt login
 Figure out how to sort the table of values
  -- React? I dunno, any suggestions????????
  Keep on keepin' on. 
  Chart JS

Key Challenges (and Proof of Concept): accessing object, sorting table of stats, chartjs?,


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