Infinispan examples
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!!! WARNING !!!

This quickstarts are here only for historical reasons and are no longer maintained. Please refer to Infinispan tutorials

Infinispan Quickstarts

Quickstarts (or examples, or samples) for Infinispan. There are a number of rules for quickstarts:

  • Each quickstart should have a unique name, this enables a user to quickly identify each quickstart
  • A quickstart should have a simple build that the user can quickly understand. If using maven it should:
    1. Not inherit from another POM
  • The quickstart should be importable into JBoss Tools and deployable there
  • The quickstart should be explained in detail in the associated user guide, including how to deploy

You can find the documentation at

If you add a quickstart, don't forget to update dist/src/main/assembly/

The 'dist' folder contains Maven scripts to build a zip of the quickstarts.