OWON B35 Mutltimeter data capture and display for Linux
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OWON-B35 (All models)

OWON B35 Mutltimeter data capture and display for Linux

Captures, converts, displays and stores output from Bluetooth (BLE) output of the OWON B35(T+) series multimeters for Linux.


gatttool needs to be installed and operational in linux for owon-cli to work.


  1. Build owoncli


  1. Find the multimeter;

sudo hcitool lescan

  1. Run owoncli with the multimeter address as the parameter ( and -t if you want the text file output as well )

sudo ./owoncli -a 98:84:E3:CD:C0:E5 -t

(by default, you'll likely have to run this under sudo because the gatttool won't seem to talk to BLE devices initially without being superuser/root)

The program will display in text the current meter display and also generate a text file called "owon.txt" which can be read in to programs like OpenBroadcaster so you can have a live on-screen-display of the multimeter.


./owoncli -a <address> [-t] [-o ] [-d] [-q]

    -h: This help
    -a <address>: Set the address of the B35 meter, eg, -a 98:84:E3:CD:C0:E5
    -t: Generate a text file containing current meter data (default to owon.txt)
    -o <filename>: Set the filename for the meter data ( overrides 'owon.txt' )

	-l <log filename>: Log data to file <filename>		( seconds value units )
    -d: debug enabled
    -q: quiet output

    example: owoncli -a 98:84:E3:CD:C0:E5 -t -o obsdata.txt