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Ándale: a simple SPDY framework
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Ándale: a simple SPDY framework

Ándale is a simply SPDY framework that provides a very simple server that uses Ilya Grigorik's spdy gem to respond to SPDY requests.

Ándale is built using EventMachine, though at this stage it's not making full usage of EventMachine's capabilities.

It's usage is, at this stage, very simple: you just need to inherit from Andale and override the serve(request, response) method:

class Hello < Andale
  def serve request, response
    response.send({ "status" => "200 OK", "Content-Type" => "text/plain" }, data)
end do
  EM.start_server "", 10000, klass


There are plenty of things to do in Ándale. If you find any issue or would like to contribute, please visit the issues page.

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