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How to Join the Webring

Hi there. This is our webring. If you have a home on the internet, maybe you could join the ring.

  1. Have a web home of some form. If you want help with this, maybe you know one or more people on the ring and can ask them.
  2. Submit a new pull request adding your website. You can do this by making a GitHub account, going to index.html, and clicking the little "edit" icon to propose your change. This will help you make a pull request. Again, if you have a friend already in the ring, you can ask them for some help.
  3. Once the pull request is approved, add this image to your website, with a link to<YOUR_WEBSITE>

lines image

You can also link some other way, whatever you like! Thanks for joining us in the webring.

  1. optional You can add a next-site or previous-site link to your website, if you want. We have a simple magic link system that will do that, and will adjust as more sites are added to the ring. The URL you should link to looks like this:<YOUR_WEBSITE>&to=next will automatically go to the next website in the ring (just replace <YOUR_WEBSITE> with your actual URL)<YOUR_WEBSITE>&to=prev will automatically go to the previous website in the ring (just replace <YOUR_WEBSITE> with your actual URL)`

If you need some help

We, Sam and Dieter (who have the first two sites in the webring), care for the list and the code. If you need some help, you could reach out to us!