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The beginnings of a Stack Overflow clone
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10 days' worth of furious hacking at a Stack Overflow clone for Django in October 2008.

OSQA seems to have taken the ball and run with it, so not sure if I'll ever take this one any further.


  1. django_html for rendering django.forms components using HTML instead of XHTML.
  2. python-markdown2 for converting Markdown-formatted user input into HTML.
  3. html5lib for HTML sanitisation.
  4. lxml for HTML diffing.
  5. Oh, and Django 1.2 or greater, of course.


To play around with SOClone:

  1. Use the pip-requirements.txt file to install dependencies with pip.

  2. Run the following command to create the database: syncdb --settings=soclone.settings

    You will be prompted to create a superuser.

  3. Run the following command to start the development server: runserver --settings=soclone.settings
  4. Cross your fingers, open http://localhost:8000/questions/ and log in with the superuser account you created.

    Here be dragons.

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