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  1. Integrates WOW.js for Contao content elements and form fields.

    PHP 10

  2. Contao 4 bundle that allows you to import news articles from WordPress posts via the WordPress JSON API.

    PHP 9 2

  3. Contao extension to allow the duplication of form fieldsets in the front end by the user for additional input fields.

    PHP 8 1

  4. Contao 4 bundle for a Facebook login.

    PHP 7 5

  5. Provides a previous/next navigation for news & events.

    PHP 6

  6. contao-maker-bundle Public archive

    This is an extension of the Symfony Maker Bundle, providing autoloading in the Contao Managed Edition as well as additional commands specific to a Contao installation.

    PHP 6 1



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