Cryptose is a cryptogram game for iOS and Android with three gritty occupations to choose from. Made with Marmelade SDK.
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Cryptose is an addictive cryptogram game with three gritty occupations to choose from: Hacker, Detective, or Spy. It's available in the iOS App Store: and the Android Market: market://details?id=com.insurgentgames.cryptose

You can see video, screenshots, and more details at:

Cryptose was programmed in C++ using the Airplay SDK, which has since been renamed to the Marmalade SDK:

It was made using Airplay SDK 4.2, and it probably won't compile out-of-the box in the latest version of Marmalade. If anyone wants to get it to run using the newest Marmalade, patches are welcome.

Game Description

Cryptose is an addictive cryptogram puzzle game where you use logic and reasoning to decode secret messages. Choose between three occupations to play as a hacker, a detective, or a spy.

Each game you get a random short encrypted phrase and it's your job to decrypt it. The phrase is encrypted with a simple substitution cipher, meaning that each letter in the alphabet is replaced with another letter (for example, all A's might be replaced with Q's). You start out with the ciphertext, and you decode it letter-by-letter until you reveal the plaintext message.


  • Thousands of phrases to decrypt
  • Three gritty graphical themes to choose from
  • Unlimited hints to curb frustration
  • Learn interesting facts and quotes about encryption, cypherpunks, and code-breaking


This game is licensed under the GNU General Public License (see gpl.txt). As the copyright owner, I hereby give anyone permission to re-license my GPL code under a non-GPL license for the purpose of distributing it in the iOS App Store or the Android Market.

Insurgent Games

Insurgent Games was founded in 2009 by Micah Lee and Crystal Mayer out of their San Francisco studio apartment. For a couple of years they happily made iPhone and Android games. They quickly realized that unless you’re incredibly lucky, it’s hard to make enough money developing indie mobile games to pay San Francisco rent. So Micah got a full time job and Crystal moved on to other things.

Now, several years later, Micah works for the Electronic Frontier Foundation defending internet users from evil (, and Crystal is a freelance web designer ( But Insurgent Games is dormant.

Since they're not working on the games anymore, they decided to release them to the community. They hope their games will thrive and be reborn as bigger and better things. All of their games are licensed under the GNU General Public License.