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The NMPRK 1.3.0 release contains source code to NMPRK, a library that provides a simple API to access Intel® Node Manager Functionality on local or remote servers. NMPRK is a simple C API that allows for easy access from C, C++, and C# applications.
The NMPRK 1.3.0 release incorporates new APIs to access the functionality added to Node Manager 3.0.
The release also contains source code and executable to NMPRK_GUI, a GUI application that uses NMPRK and demonstrates the API functionality. The GUI has a well-documented API section which describes all the NMPRK function signatures, inputs, outputs and execution results for all supported NMPRK functions. 

The release has two folders NMPRK_GUI_1.3.0_Src and NMPRK_GUI_1.3.0.
The NMPRK_GUI_1.3.0 folder contains the windows installer for NMPRK_GUI.
The NMPRK_GUI_1.3.0_Src folder contains NMPRK and NMPRK_GUI folders which have source code. 
The NMPRK source code is organized as follows:
	nmprkC folder contains the source code for the NMPRK library.
	testC folder contains a test application for NMPRK.
	docs fodler contains the NMPRK API documentation.
	NMPRK.cs file has the C# interface for accessing NMPRK functions.
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