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A Bitcoin Browser


Did you know that you can upload files directly to the Bitcoin network, as permanent, immutable, and monetizable Bitcoin transactions?

These files can be all sorts of things like documents, images, and videos, and can be combined to make other things, like applications or interactive pages.

With files, you can publish things that reference one another through URI schemes.

And because it's on the blockchain, ownership is provable, the content is permanent, and it can be directly monetized forever.

Bottle is a browser that lets you surf the Bitcoin network for these things, and brings them all together through Bitcoin native URI schemes such as B:// or C:// (or any other protocols we add in the future).

Note that the address bar below uses a b:// address:, not HTTP or HTTPS. This HTML file is 100% hosted and served from the Bitcoin blockchain, and has nothing to do with where a "server" is located.



You can download it at

How it Works

Learn more about how it works at:


Contribution is welcome.

How to Build

1. Download Electron

You can build from source. You need electron.

npm install -g electron

2. Install

Download the repository and install. First, clone it.

git clone

Then install dependencies

cd bottle
npm install

3. Run

npm start