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Your own avatar on bitcoin, forever.


bitpic is a protocol for hosting and using Paymail avatars on the Bitcoin blockchain.

You can think of it as Gravatar, but for Bitcoin.

  • Instead of using a normal email address, Bitpic uses Paymail address.
  • Instead of storing the imagess and the image database on a proprietary server, it stores it on the Bitcoin blockchain.
  • The images are 100% stored on the Bitcoin blockchain, signed by Paymail user identity public key. Images signed with invalid signature are not indexed.

Learn more about how it works here: How Bitpic Works


1. Install Bitcoin

Download Bitcoin node.

Download Bitcoin

1. Install Docker

Bitpic uses Docker. Install Docker first.

Install Docker

2. Clone this repository

git clone


1. Run crawler

The gridplanaria.js file is the bitcoin crawler.

node gridplanaria

You may want to run it in the background by using pm2 or similar ways.

2. Run the web app + api

The planarium.js file is the user facing website and api endpoint.

This file powers everything you see at and

node planarium

Again, you may want to run it in the background by using pm2 or similar ways.

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