User-mode SocketCAN daemon for Intrepid devices
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This is the user mode daemon for Intrepid Control Systems' SocketCAN support. This daemon requires that intrepid.ko is loaded on your system. For instructions on building and loading the kernel object, see intrepid-socketcan-kernel-module. In addition, you will need a version of libicsneoapi. For the purposes of SocketCAN support the open source version will suffice; see libicsneoapi.

To build, simply run make.

$ make

To enable SocketCAN for your attached Intrepid devices, run the daemon. Use -D to run as a daemon, or pass no arguments to run in the foreground.

$ sudo ./icsscand -D

Most Intrepid devices support more than one CAN channel. Your interfaces will be named icsXcan_typeY where X is an incrementing identifier for different devices, can_type identifies the type of CAN channel, and Y is an incrementing identifier for each device. For example, the first neoVI FIRE you plug into your system will create the interfaces ics0can0, ics0can1, ics0can2, ics0can3, ics0lsftcan0, ics0swcan0.

Before you can read or write messages on an interface you'll need to bring it up

$ sudo ifconfig ics0can0 up