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index.html presentation Wikicite 2017

The state of experiments on a federated database on books using Wikidata entities, properties, and data model Video

There are two faces to

2 3

5 editor authors as a CC0-lisence contributive database completing Wikidata on books and their editions

API doc:






Different evolution scenario for Wikidata-centered CC0 books data

  • either inventaire becomes the central point for sub-Wikidata books data
  • or another project takes this role (Wikidata itself?) and inventaire will be glad to make its CC0 data easy to import there

It shouldn't be an issue to have several initiative covering more or less this ground as long as we make those inter-operable and CC0:
one of those will became the de facto central point and the other will be happy to benefit from its work

Long term vision: get book lovers, librarians, bookshops to contribute to an open contributive database on books, ALL THE BOOKS