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An Argos Script For Optimus-Manager
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Argos Script For Optimus-Manager

Gnome Shell Indicator for Optimus-Manager, using Argos API

Special Thanks to Cyberalex4 and Askannz <3!

Screenshot was first release. Added icon switch for after gpu switching.

NVidia Prime Argos Indicator


  • Argos Gnome Shell extension.
  • Optimus-Manager Awesome Optimus Switch script!
  • Zenity for dialog window By @ArionWT
  • Any Arch based distro.


Install Argos Gnome-Shell extension.

Create directory ~/.local/share/icons if it does not exist:

! [ -d "~/.local/share/icons" ] && mkdir --parents ~/.local/share/icons || trueg


git clone
cd optimus-manager-argos

    # copy icons (not necessary)
    cp -v icons/* ~/.local/share/icons/

# copy '' to 'argos' folder
cp -v ~/.config/argos/

# Thats All !


# remove icons
rm ~/.local/share/icons-to-delete/{nvidia-active-symbolic.svg,nvidia-inactive-symbolic.svg,prime-indicator-intel.svg,prime-indicator-intel-symbolic.svg,prime-indicator-nvidia.svg}

# remove argos extension script
rm ~/.config/argos/

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