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The 30-week Algorithm Competition Programme 2018-2019, divided into Fall and Spring semesters, will include lectures, contests, problem-solvings and a variety of practises every saturday.

After our National Fall, Winter and Summer Camps, we prepared this full-fledged programme to last all year in order to grow the algorithm community in it’s technical capacity and ready the students for international contests.

The participants are expected to not only have the skills, but also the enthusiasm and motivation for this unique event, which will be completely free of charge.The programme will involve experienced editors to lecture the attendees, problem setters to prepare problems every week and reviewers to check their technical accuracy. There will be a minimum requirement of %80 for attendance.

Following the successful competitive programming communities in Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Philippines and more, we strive to be a community that is eager to learn; where every member helps the other and the learners can also teach with the experienced.

Aside from meeting at inzva every saturday, we will keep in touch via the discord channel of the community.


Every Saturday, total of 30 days spread over 30 weeks.

Week 1: September 29 Saturday / Week 30: May 25 Saturday/ inzva - Beykoz Kundura


We believe that the main benefit comes from the opportunity to practice with challenging problems. Here are some other benefits we think the participants will acquire from the camp:

  • Motivating yourself to improve your knowledge on a subject
  • Assessing yourself
  • Coding more efficient
  • Advanced knowledge of data structures and algorithms
  • Learning teamwork and critical thinking
  • Getting to know ICPC World better
  • Technical adequacy and preparation for interviews
  • The chance to be broadcasted as an Editor/Problem Setter/Reviewer or Attendee on inzva’s page.

Those with %80+ attendance will have a certificate on Linkedin, GitHub and as a graduate of this program, and those with proved success will be able to join our upcoming international summer camp directly.


All participants are expected to know a programming language well. Attendees must prepare their own programming environment (computer, IDE, compiler etc.). The whole practice process will run on HackerRank

You can find the curriculum here

The top three students will get prizes on the final contest day at the end of the year-long program. We will also have various surprises for those who make it to the top of the leaderboards with weekly contests. Provided, it’s about learning, teaching and sharing; not winning.


See the FAQ here.


If you want to support the community as an Editor, Problem Setter or Reviewer, and get scholarship for your work by BEV Foundation, you can find more information and application form via the links below.


Prepares the content for the week and lecture at inzva physically. Read more


Prepares two contests consisting of 5 and 10 questions according to the lectures prepared by the editor. Read more


Reviews the content prepared by the editor and the problem setter, making sure it follows the guideline and curriculum. Read more

We are proud to be founding a community together that will last years to come. With your support and contribution, we hope to be a sharing computer programming community for your generation and after.

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