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APK Auto Pull (v2.0)

About this project

APK Auto Pull is a simple bash script to reduce the manual work in pulling an APK from a connected Android device. It was born out of pulling the same set of APKs from a device multiple times a day.


  • Pull single APK matching search term
  • Pull all APKs matching search term
  • Pull all APKS from device (use with caution)


You must have Android Debug Bridge installed, this is installed as part of of Android studio. You can read more on that here Android Debug Bridge


No installation necessary, apkautopull is a bash script, just clone the repo and mark the script as executable chmod +x apkautopull


Specify a distinct name or part of the name of the application apk you want to pull, if that name is unique the apk will be pulled down to your current directory, if it is not unique you will be presented with a list of matches so you can refine your command and rerun or rerun with -m to pull matches

Single file ./apkautopull -s chrome

All matching file ./apkautopull -m bluetooth

All files! ./apkautopull -a

Help ./apkautopull -h

Version ./apkautopull -v


Apache 2. Free for personal and commercial use. No warranty, liability or support.

Upcoming Features

  • Pull multiple APKs (all APKS matching or partially name argument)
  • Pull all APKs


v1. Initial. 13/3/18 v2. Major rewrite. Added support for multiple files. 16/3/18

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