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A Java implementation of the HTTP IPFS API
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A Java client for the IPFS http api

Table of Contents


Official releases

You can use this project by including ipfs.jar from one of the releases along with the dependencies.

Maven, Gradle, SBT

Package managers are supported through JitPack which supports Maven, Gradle, SBT, etc.

for Maven, add the following sections to your pom.xml (replacing $LATEST_VERSION):




  • Clone this repository
  • Run ant dist
  • Copy dist/ipfs.jar into your project. Appropriate versions of other dependencies are also included in dist/lib/.
  • Run tests using ant test.

Running tests

To run tests, IPFS daemon must be running on interface.

IPFS installation

Command line

Download ipfs from and run with ipfs daemon --enable-pubsub-experiment

Docker Compose

Run docker-compose up from the project's root directory. Check docker-compose.yml for more details.


Create an IPFS instance with:

IPFS ipfs = new IPFS("/ip4/");

Then run commands like:


To add a file use (the add method returns a list of merklenodes, in this case there is only one element):

NamedStreamable.FileWrapper file = new NamedStreamable.FileWrapper(new File("hello.txt"));
MerkleNode addResult = ipfs.add(file).get(0);

To add a byte[] use:

NamedStreamable.ByteArrayWrapper file = new NamedStreamable.ByteArrayWrapper("hello.txt", "G'day world! IPFS rocks!".getBytes());
MerkleNode addResult = ipfs.add(file).get(0);

To get a file use:

Multihash filePointer = Multihash.fromBase58("QmPZ9gcCEpqKTo6aq61g2nXGUhM4iCL3ewB6LDXZCtioEB");
byte[] fileContents =;


Current versions of dependencies are included in the ./lib directory.


Feel free to join in. All welcome. Open an issue!

This repository falls under the IPFS Code of Conduct.



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