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This project contains some tools to help you with your project


The first thing is a DownloadManager. It supports both a local file load and downloading JSON data from a server. A controller LocalFileViewController shows you how to use the load of a local file. This use NSOperation and NSOperationQueue, we'll discuss about that, but this is a common way to easily perform asynchronous operations. You really need to take a sheet of paper and draw the relationships between the class DownloadManager, DownloadOperation and LocalFileViewController. Then try to figure out how YouTubeManager is built.


The second point is YouTubeManager. It is built on top of DownloadManager and shows you how to dialog with YouTube APIs to get the user feed as a JSON, parse it into objects, and then display some infos. There is also an example of LBYouTubeView integration for displaying the video ( Please note that the setup from the web site is not the right one, follow these steps instead :

  1. Drag into your your project LBYouTubePlayerController folder and Submodules/JSONKit folder.
  2. Import the MediaPlayer.framework.
  3. Set -fno-objc-arc compiler flag to JSONKit.m. For that, select the blue icon of your project into Xcode, then the targets, Build phases, Compile Sources and double clic on Compiler Flags column to set the value.