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🚅 Tokaido by Ironstar

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Tokaido is an automation platform for Drupal development environments on MacOS, Linux & Windows.

It streamlines the process of creating, managing, saving, and sharing local Drupal projects using Docker.

With Tokaido, you can start new Drupal projects or launch production-grade local environments for existing projects in as little as 5 minutes.

Tokaido provides a useful default configuration that makes it easy to get started, but offers progressively more advanced configuration options for power users.

Click here to watch our full demo video


Installation instructions are available on the Tokaido website


  • Drupal 7 and 8 Support.
  • Runs on MacOS.
  • Easy to use! Just type tok up for a zero-configuration environment.
  • Fast! Most environments are ready in less than 30 seconds.
  • Highly configurable with an easy to use config editor (tok config)
  • Production-grade environments with Varnish and HAProxy included.
  • Easily add services like Mailhog, Solr, PHP Adminer, Xdebug, and more
  • Commercial support available

Why switch to Tokaido?

Tokaido was built out of frustration with how much time Drupal developers spend trying to manage their local development environments. While other great tools like DrupalVM and Lando have made it easier and easier for developers to build repeatable Drupal environments, we felt there was still a lot of room for improvement.

With Tokaido, we have shifted towards a more opinionated Drupal environment setup and coupled it with the same containers that we (Ironstar) run in enterprise Drupal hosting environments.

So what makes Tokaido better?

  • Using Docker instead of Vagrant enables faster, more light-weight environments
  • The powerful tok CLI streamlines your set up and helps keep you out of config files
  • Tokaido's inbuilt proxy enables verified SSL connections to your environment
  • We run Tokaido in production, so your local environment can be production-grade
  • Built-in Varnish caching enables production-like testing of your code

The Tokaido CLI

Tokaido also ships with an incredibly powerful CLI that helps to eliminate the need for you to manually manage config files:

Tokaido CLI Command
Start new projects tok new
Launch an environment tok up
Edit configuration tok config
Connect Drupal to database tok up
Self-checks tok status
SSH into environment ssh project.tok
Run commands in environment tok exec "command"
Reset Varnish cache tok purge
Open site in browser tok open
Open services in browser tok open {service}
Generate a Drupal hash salt tok hash
Manage database snapshots tok snapshot

How does Tokaido compare?

Tokaido Docker4Drupal Lando DDev
Startup Time (excluding download) < 60 seconds < 60 seconds < 60 seconds < 60 seconds
Installation View Homebrew Manual Download Manual Download View Homebrew
Usability Easy Complex* Moderate+ Easy
Works out-of-the-box** Yes No No No
Full Drupal/Drush SSH environment Yes No No No
Production-ready containers Yes No No No
Automated DB configuration Yes No No Yes
Automated SSL configuration Yes, trusted No No Yes, untrusted
Modify PHP Runtime Config Yes Yes Yes Yes
Run multiple environments easily Yes No No Yes
Dev Tools - npm, ruby, etc Yes No No No

* Docker4Drupal is controlled by a Docker Compose file and requires an indepth understanding of Docker and Docker Compose.

+ Lando provides a helpful CLI that makes starting and managing environments easier, but we still think Tokaido and DDev have it beat in this department.

++ Really just a docker-compose exec command, which is helpful for running commands but is not a full-featured dev environment

** Nearly every Drupal project we've tested works with Tokaido without any special config. When testing Lando and Docker4Drupal, even the most basic Drupal minimal installation required special config to get going.

Talk to us!

If you have any feedback on Tokaido, or you're running into problems, we'd love to hear from you.

For general support and queries, please visit us on the #tokaido channel in the offical Drupal Slack workspace.

If you'd like to talk about commercial support arrangements for your team, please email us.

Found a bug or have a feature request? Please open a GitHub Issue

PRs are more than welcome, but we suggest getting in touch if you'd like to contribute any major feature. We have an open fortnightly planning session we will be happy to invite you to.