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touch(1) for node
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For all your node touching needs.


npm install touch

CLI Usage:

See man touch

API Usage:

var touch = require("touch")

Gives you the following functions:

  • touch(filename, options, cb)
  • touch.sync(filename, options)
  • touch.ftouch(fd, options, cb)
  • touch.ftouchSync(fd, options)


  • force like touch -f Boolean
  • time like touch -t <date> Can be a Date object, or any parseable Date string, or epoch ms number.
  • atime like touch -a Can be either a Boolean, or a Date.
  • mtime like touch -m Can be either a Boolean, or a Date.
  • ref like touch -r <file> Must be path to a file.
  • nocreate like touch -c Boolean

If neither atime nor mtime are set, then both values are set. If one of them is set, then the other is not.

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