Transform ResX files into strongly typed classes via T4
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Transform ResX files into strongly typed classes via T4

####Consult Documentation



##Have a project that uses ResX files ?

  • Transform ResX files in a project into a strongly typed assembly
  • Access your translations
    • From inside .cshtml & .aspx files
      • @Resources.User.Pseudo / <%= Resources.User.Pseudo %>
  • Bind your translations to a ViewModel
    • [Display(Name = "Pseudo", ResourceType = typeof(Resources.User))]
  • Use it again in your dlls to return localized error messages
    • return Resources.User.RegisterError;

####Use variables inside your ResX files

  • Format various messages
    • .resx: Welcome {0}
      • .cs: return Resources.User.Welcome("Robert")
      • result: Welcome Robert
  • Dynamically replace variables
    • .resx: Register with {DOMAIN}
      • .cs: return Resources.Branding.Register;
      • result: Register with
    • .resx: {BRAND} announces new feature for {0}
      • .cs: return Resources.Branding.Feature("T4")
      • result: I-Technology announces new feature for T4

####Export & Reuse your translations

  • Pull translations directly into localized JavaScript files
    • <script src="/GetNameSpaceAsJs?ns=Resources.User"></script>
  • Or assign inline
    • var localized = GetNameSpaceAsJson("Resources.User");
  • Grab a series of translations as collection
    • Dictionary<string, Dictionary<string string>> items = GetResourcesByNameSpace("Resources.User");
  • Or do just grab bits & pieces
    • Dictionary<string, Dictionary<string string>> items = GetResourcesByNameSpace(".*");
    • Dictionary<string, Dictionary<string string>> items = GetResourcesByNameSpace("Resources.User.*");
    • Dictionary<string, Dictionary<string string>> items = GetResourcesByNameSpace("^User|Branding");


###0.99 / 2012-12-05

  • First commit.
  • Sample site up on Windows Azure @
  • If it's down, it might be normal ..running on a free instance with daily resource limits