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Modified version of head.js

Changed from head.js v0.96:

* Added/changed some browser version detections
  * added browser-false classes      
  * added desktop/mobile feature detection
  * added landscape/portrait feature detection
* Removed conditional comments in css3.js
  * Replaced css3.js browser regex with simpler switch/case
* Made css3 tests reflect actual css attribute naming convention
  * js  features lowerCamelCase
  * css features lowercase dashed
* Moved features to head.features namespace
* Added head.screen namespace
  * added screen.inner/outerWidth
  * added screen.inner/outerHeight
  * added screen.height/width
* Corrected some closure usage
* Added eq, lte, gte detections for browser/versions & height/width
  * ie, ie-eq6, h-gte468, w-lte1024
* Restricted html5 shiv to ie < 9
* Inverted css router naming convention
  * page-name, section-name
  * force them to be lowerCase
* Inverted feature detection naming convention & made them boolean
  * js-true, font-face-false, border-radius-true
* Detect viewport size instead of resolution

Reminder to me: