Utilities for Raspberry Pi, mostly for usage on a boat. Includes UART control scripts, AIS wireless daemon, AIS decoder and an extensible boat & IoT sensor daemon for Signal K.
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Boat and Raspberry Pi Utilities

This repository contains a collection of utilities and tools for Raspberry Pi. They are primarily for usage on a boat, for integrating marine electronics, sensors and marine protocols.

That being said, some of the utilities are relevant for non-boat usage (like uart_control) and some of the utilities do not require to be run on a Raspberry Pi (like gpsd2nmea, aisd or aisplay).


Tool for configuring the UART on a Raspberry Pi.


Daemon for translating gpsd messages to raw NMEA messages to be used in iNavX, iSailor etc.


Daemon for making a serial or USB based AIS (Automatic Identification System) receiver wireless enabled.


Web Service for displaying AIS vessels on a map.


Signal K Daemon for integrating a variety of different DIY Raspberry Pi sensors to a Signal K network.