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 Welcome to Rococoa

Rococoa is a generic Java binding to the Mac Objective-C object system. It allows the creation and use of Objective-C objects in Java, and the implementation of Objective-C interfaces in Java.

Java CI with Maven

Rococoa Acknowledgements

Rococoa owes much to the following people and organisations

  • JNA does all the heavy lifting of calling into Cocoa and marshaling parameters. Timothy Wall also added pass struct by value and other extension points to make our life simpler.
  • Paul Loy was the alpha guinea-pig.
  • Simon Taylor, Gareth Sylvester-Bradley and Dion Crannitch for Objective-C help.
  • Richard Care, Matt Bowers, Andy Collins and Morgan David let it go.
  • Apple Inc produced Quicktime, Java on Mac OS, the Cocoa-Java Bridge and Quicktime for Java, then killed at least 2 of them. If you know Java and Cocoa your name could be on this list! Get involved!

Projects using Rococoa

Make sure you comply with the GNU Lesser General Public License when releasing an application that uses Rococoa.

  • Cyberduck - Libre file transfer client for macOS and Windows. Command line interface (CLI) for Linux, macOS and Windows.


Change History


* Functioning 64-bit (and hence Java 6) support
	thanks to Paul Loy for fixes and discussions, and Andy Thompson for NSInteger et al
* We should now correctly l small structs as return values, not just NSSize!
* Improved NSDictionary
* Support for JNA-3.0.4		


* Much more rigorous memory management.
* Selectors are now cached on the Java side.
* Fixed problem #9 where we could only have one delegate or notification 
	thanks to Adrian Ross for diagnosis and fix.
* Much expanded set of parameter and return types for delegates and notifications
	thanks to Andy Thompson for suggestions and help.
* Fix defect #10 where delegates and notifications failed after the autorelease 
	pool is released. Now use Rococoa.proxy rather than wrap.
* Now use JNA-3.0.3 (NB slightly patched, please make sure that Rococoa precedes
	JNA in the classpath 


* Reworked CFString handling to use UTF-8 and hence support extended characters.
* Now support delegates and notifications, using Rococoa.wrap(Object)


* Now ship a Universal Binary dylib


* Added LGPL licence files and these release notes.


* Changes to allow the checked-out code to build.


* First published to


Rococoa allows you to call Objective-C code through Java classes and interfaces that you define.




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