A simple tool to animate, unwind and explore WebPagetest filmstrips
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WPT Filmstrip

Simply animate, unwind and explore test metrics of WebPagetest filmstrips.


  • Works with both official and private WPT instances
  • Animation of the filmstrip with slowdown, optional metrics, step through frames, keyboard support
  • Unwind the Filmstrip, in columns and rows, optional metrics, variable interval length
  • Support for User Timings and Hero Times
  • Use the URL hash to save/restore most settings


  • Paste WPT test url OR test ID
  • Optional: Select run or step


You can pass several parameters in the hash of the URL

  • testId: the WPT test ID
  • wptUrl: URL of the WPT server to use, defaults to https://www.webpagetest.org
  • run: run number of the test, defaults to 1
  • step: step number of the test, defaults to 1
  • view: the view to open. Either animation or filmstrip, defaults to animation
  • showMetrics: if metrics should be enabled. Either true or false. Default is true

in filmstrip view:

  • interval: the interval between the thumbnails, defaults to 500
  • columns: the number of columns, defaults to 10
  • thumbnailWidth: the width of thumbnails in pixels, defaults to 150

Example: https://iteratec.github.io/wpt-filmstrip/#testId=181222_H8_48d7b7cb240cb62a7f4faa4b38482501&run=2&step=2&view=filmstrip&interval=100

Known issues

  • Start/Pause quirk on animation with keyboard
  • No keyboard support with unwinded filmstrip
  • No filmstrip comparison
  • Available metrics and "important" metrics are hardcoded
  • Not all settings are saved and restored, not possible to reset settings

PRs welcome!