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A simple to follow guide, for deploying your website on Amazon LightSail
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An opensource website - A simple to follow guide, for deploying your website ( or blog ) on Amazon LightSail using systemd

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what does it do ?

  • This repository opensources author's personal website ( both frontend & backend )
  • It's hosted on AWS LightSail, so main purpose is, if someone requires help on How to deploy your backend on AWS LightSail ?, well this may be helpful
  • Well how about keeping your backend running, no matter whatever happens
  • I got you covered too, backend isn't using pm2 for keeping your Node backend, rather it's depending upon systemd
  • So it doesn't matter, what your backend is made of, it can always be kept running using systemd
  • I also have added one GitHub Parser, for parsing out my repositories from Github, and JSONifying, so that it can be used for displaying repository list here
  • Now you may be thinking, why not to automate this parser, so that it can refresh repository list ( reflecting recent changes ) & Node backend can serve updated list
  • Yeah we gonna do that too, & again we'll simply use systemd to trigger this task every 24h
  • Haven't used any specific JS frontend framework, built using HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Hope, it helps you, 😉

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