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Ivport Stereo Compute Module Breakout Board
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IVPORT Stereo Compute Module

Ivport Stereo CM is breakout board that you can plug a Raspberry Pi Compute Modules into. It comes with two Camera ports ant enables you to use stereo recording and capturing modes simultaneously at full FPS and syncronized frames unlike Ivport Multiplexer. It has also 10/100M Ethernet, dual USB 2.0 ports, Classic Raspberry Pi GPIO header, HDMI output, microSD slot and PoE (Power over Ethernet) support. It is also compatible with sorts of Raspberry Pi HATs.

alt ivport stereo cm

Raspberry Pi Compute Module, camera modules, camera ribbon cables, and power cable are needed.

  • Compatible Camera Modules

    • Raspberry Pi Camera Module V1.3 (OV5647 sensor)
    • Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 (Sony IMX 219 sensor)
  • Compatible Compute Modules

    • Raspberry Pi CM1
    • Raspberry Pi CM3 (eMMC equipped)
    • Raspberry Pi CM3 Lite
    • Raspberry Pi CM3+ (eMMC equipped)
    • Raspberry Pi CM3+ Lite

More information at Wiki.

Can be ordered from Here.

Getting Started

On a Pi or Compute Module there are several files in the first FAT partition of the SD/eMMC that are binary 'Device Tree' files. These binary files (usually with extension .dtb) are compiled from human readable text descriptions (usually files with extension .dts) by the Device Tree compiler.

Copy precompiled dt-blob.bin binary file in first FAT partition of the microSD card.

The Raspberry Pi uses a configuration file instead of the BIOS you would expect to find on a conventional PC. The system configuration parameters, which would traditionally be edited and stored using a BIOS, are stored instead in an optional text file named config.txt.

Add config values to the end of the config.txt file.


After boot check whether camera modules are detected by ivport stereo cm or no with vcgencmd get_camera command.

root@ivport:~/ivport-v2 $ vcgencmd get_camera
supported=2 detected=2

Example Video and Photo

raspivid -3d sbs -w 1280 -h 480 -o sbs_video.h264
raspistill -3d sbs -w 1280 -h 480 -o sbs_photo.jpg
from picamera import PiCamera
camera = PiCamera(stereo_mode='side-by-side', resolution=(1280,720))


Ivport Stereo CM Video

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