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VOEvent version Creative Commons License

VOEvent Sky Event Reporting Metadata

What is it?

VOEvent: Virtual Observatory Event Sky Event Reporting Metadata

VOEvent defines the content and meaning of a standard information packet for representing, transmitting, publishing and archiving information about a transient celestial event, with the implication that timely follow-up is of interest. The objective is to motivate the observation of targets-of-opportunity, to drive robotic telescopes, to trigger archive searches, and to alert the community. VOEvent is focused on the reporting of photon events, but events mediated by disparate phenomena such as neutrinos, gravitational waves, and solar or atmospheric particle bursts may also be reported.


The last stable version is REC-2.0.

The next version is prepared in this repository. It is not yet finalized and so, should not be considered yet as stable for operational implementation.

See also the section Releases of this GitHub Repository.

Want to contribute?

  1. Raise a GitHub Issue on this repository

  2. Fork this repository (eventually clone it on your machine if you want to)

  3. Create a branch in your forked repository ; this branch should be named after the issue(s) to fix (for instance: issue-7-add-license)

  4. Commit suggested changes inside this branch

  5. Create a Pull Request on the official repository (note: a git push is needed first, if you are working on a clone)

  6. Wait for someone to review your Pull Request and accept it

This process has been described and demonstrated during the IVOA Interoperability Meeting of Oct. 2019 in Groningen ; see slides)


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


VOEvent Sky Event Reporting Metadata






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