Simple Java metrics for counting and publishing metrics from Java applications
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Simple Java Metrics

This package provides some Java classes to help with the providing application metrics.

Enjoy, Gray Watson

Little Sample Program

I've checked in a little example program.

Getting Started

Here's a quick code sample showing how to get started.

// create our metrics manager which controls everything
MetricsManager metricsManager = new MetricsManager();

// create and register a persister, you will probably want to write your own for your own logging
LoggingMetricsPersister persister = new LoggingMetricsPersister();
metricsManager.setMetricValuesPersisters(new MetricValuesPersister[] { persister });

// create and register one (or many) metrics
ControlledMetricAccum hitCounter =
	new ControlledMetricAccum("example", null, "hits", "number of hits to the cache", null);

// optionally start a persister thread to persist the metrics every minute (60000 millis)
MetricsPersisterJob persisterThread = new MetricsPersisterJob(manager, 60000, 60000, true);

// now the metric can be incremented whenever a "hit" occurs
// or maybe we need to account for a bunch of hits
// ...

// the persister will log the value of hitCounter every 60 seconds automatically

ChangeLog Release Notes

See the ChangeLog.txt file.