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JS Regular Expression Tester

Quick regular expression testing in JavaScript, using JavaScript.

Go Use

When I'm working with Ruby and Regular Expressions I love using Rubular. I couldn't find a tool that was just like it but used JavaScript, so I built this.

The app is a small Ruby (Sinatra) app, purely as that was the quickest thing I could use to get it online through Heroku, where it currently lives. I guess I should have made it a Node app...but Sinatra was quicker for me personally to through a quick site together, and keep all the logic on the front-end.

The entire idea, and the quick reference guide was taken directly from Rubular. I'm not trying to outrageously copy, but I literally wanted the exact same site as Rubular, but for JavaScript. All credit to the idea, reference and general layout goes to Michael Lovitt. I just wrote some JavaScript that ties it together.

It also makes use of the jQuery highlightTextarea plugin by Damien Sorel.

Pull requests, bug reports and so on are much appreciated. If you're a designer and fancy making this look pretty, feel free.

Running the App Locally

  • you'll need Ruby (1.9) and Rubygems.
  • git clone
  • cd JS-Regex
  • bundle
  • shotgun -p 1234
  • open http://localhost:1234



  • remove text highlighting - unreliable and buggy
  • limit regex loop to 100 executions, fixes the infinite loop bug #3
  • allow user to add Regex options, closes #1


  • initial release