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Platform Racing 2 Server

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Guidelines for Contributors

Welcome to the PR2 GitHub repo!

All contributions are welcome; however, please keep these things in mind when contributing:

  • Only edit things if you know exactly what they do and what you're doing.
  • If you want to edit something but don't exactly know what to do, post an issue and someone will assist you.
  • When submitting a pull request, leave a summary of your changes in the title/description.
  • I'll check all of the code before it goes in, but make sure it won't throw a syntax error by checking it here.
  • Do not post an issue on the repo for things that are not issues with the code.
  • Do not submit malicious pull requests.

To submit new ideas, post a thread in the PR2 Suggestions section on the JV2 forums. To appeal PR2 bans, post a thread in the Ask a Mod section.


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