Python wrapper for the Telegraph blogging service provided by Telegram
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LICENSE Bump version Feb 11, 2019


Documentation Status

Python wrapper for the Telegraph blogging service provided by Telegram

Requires Python 3.6+.

A more-or-less direct mapping to the Telegraph API, with snake_case instead of camelCase.


The documentation on RTD is broken until they support Python3.6.

To build and view the docs locally:

pip install sphynx
cd docs
make html
cd build
python -m http.server 8010


pip install telegraph_client


from telegraph import Telegraph

# using existing account
telegraph = Telegraph('<access_token>')
# or with new account
account = telegraph.create_account(short_name='Ludo Loeloeraai', use=True)
# set use=False if using an authenticated client to create new accounts without switching to them

# get pages
page_list = telegraph.get_page_list(offset=0, limit=100)
num_pages = page_list.total_count
for page in page_list.pages:
    print(page.title, page.url)
# create page
new_page = telegraph.create_page(title="New Page", content=['Lorem Ipsum'])
assert new_page.title == "New Page"


Two helper functions are included to render page content and serialize html into the required format.

First install the required dependencies:

pip install beautifulsoup4 bleach

from telegraph import Telegraph
from telegraph.utils import content_to_html, html_to_content

telegraph = Telegraph('<access_token>')

# rendering page content as html
page = telegraph.get_page('<path>')
html = content_to_html(page.content)

# creating a page from html string
html_string = '<p>Hallo, World!</p>'
content = html_to_content(html_string)
telegraph.create_page(title="Test", content=content)


python -m unittest discover tests