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An enhanced ruby-mode for Emacs that uses Ripper in ruby 1.9.2 to highlight and indent the source code
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Enhanced Ruby Mode


Enhanced Ruby Mode replaces the emacs ruby mode that comes with ruby.

It uses the Ripper class found in ruby 1.9.2 (and later) to parse and indent the source code. As a consquence only ruby 1.9.2 (or later) syntax is parsed correctly.

Syntax checking is also preformed.


  • Optimisation; currently parses and fontifies whole buffer for most modifications - it still appears to run fast enough on large files.

  • Suggestions?


(add-to-list 'load-path "(path-to)/Enhanced-Ruby-Mode") ; must be added after any path containing old ruby-mode
(setq enh-ruby-program "(path-to-ruby1.9.3)/bin/ruby") ; so that still works if ruby points to ruby1.8
(require 'ruby-mode)


  • ruby 1.9.2 (or later)


  • git clone


Developing requires test-unit-full gem

Testing parser:

ruby -I. test/test_erm_buffer.rb

Sorry, no test suite for ruby-mode.el


Jell (Jean-Louis Giordano)

Improved UTF-8 support
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