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Generate time-based one time passwords in the browser


This page lets you easily generate a time-based one time password (TOTP) entirely in the web browser in case you ever lose access to your phone.

It uses the excellent otpauth package, downloaded from

Private key in URL

You can also provide the key in the URL, for example:

Authy support

To use Authy tokens outside of the Authy app, you need to extract the secret key and convert it to base-32. The resulting token can then be used with this tool.

Extract Authy secret key from Chrome App

  1. Install the Authy app in Chrome.
  2. Enter chrome://extensions in the address bar.
  3. Check Developer mode.
  4. Click the main.html link in the Inspect views section of the Authy app.
  5. Navigate to the Console.
  6. Paste the code below in the console and hit Enter.
appManager.getModel().forEach(model => console.log(`${}: ${model.secretSeed}`));

Convert hex keys to base-32

Convert each exported hex key from above using the hex to base-32 converter in this repository.

Authy settings

Use the following settings for native Authy tokens.

Digits: 7 Period: 10

The period shown in the Authy Chrome App is 20 seconds, but it actually uses 10 second intervals and skips every other token.

If your authenticator application only allows 6 or 8 digits (like FreeOTP), choose 8 digits and use the last 7 digits for your code.

Import using QR codes

To make it easier to import Authy entries into another authenticator app, generate QR codes using my QR code generator.

Other Resources


Generates TOTP tokens in the browser





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