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Postico Issues

You can use this repo to submit bugs and feature requests for Postico.

To submit an issue, click the "Issues" tab above.

Bugs always have top priority. I prioritise new features roughly according to popularity and the amount of effort required (I don't want complicated features to block easier things).

These are the current (Feb 2020) top ten feature requests:

  1. Add support for editing functions (stored procedures) (201 reactions)
  2. JSON viewer for working with JSON/JSONB columns (136 reactions)
  3. Feature request: query formatting (108 reactions)
  4. Auto-Uppercase SQL Keywords (62 reactions)
  5. IN as a filter option (62 reactions)
  6. show triggers? (37 reactions)
  7. Editable Results in the SQL Query View (36 reactions)
  8. Reverse engineering Entity-Relationship diagram from database feature (33 reactions)
  9. AWS IAM support for logging in (30 reactions)
  10. Export using SQL insert (25 reactions)

You can also view the full list of issues sorted by popularity.

Please use the "thumbs up" button to show support for a feature request. Avoid posting "+1" comments, since those will be forwarded to everyone watching the repo.

Of course, you can also just email me at


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