Experiments with JVM features and various optimisation technigues
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Repository where I experiment with JVM internal such as JIT and various performance optimizations techniques.

How to run

To run a particular benchmark:

jmh:run  .*IncWhile.*

or you can run all benchmarks at once


You can also overload benchmark settings with provided parameters to command line

jmh:run -i 3 -wi 3 -f1 -t1 .*IncWhile.*

JVM options worth checking before starting experiments

Following list I found useful during experiments with JVM. Details can be found in Java SE Tools Reference

  • -XX:+PrintCompilation - Prints a message when method is compiled
  • -XX:+UnlockDiagnosticVMOptions - option that unlocks diagnostic JVM options which are not collected during runtime otherwise
  • -XX:+PrintAssembly - prints assembly code for bytecode and native methods
  • -XX:+LogCompilation - logs compilation activity to a file
  • -XX:+TraceClassLoading - trace a class as they are loaded
  • -verbose:gc - displays information about each GC event
  • -verbose:class - displays information about each class loaded
  • -XX:+PrintInlining - prints inlining decesions
  • -XX:-Inline - disables method inlining
  • -XX:CompileCommand - specifies a command to perform on a method, e.g.
-XX:CompileCommand=dontinline, com/jaksky/jvm/tests/jit/IncFor.inc

prevents inlining of com.jaksky.jvm.tests.jit.IncFor.inc method