[Deprecated] Aria Templates-aware JS Deminifer add-on for Firefox (beta)
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Aria Templates JSDeminifier

This repo is a fork of Javascript Deminifier Firefox add-on. The only thing this adds on top of the original add-on is the support for Aria Templates multipart files. It can be useful for you if you want to debug Aria Templates applications that are deployed in a packaged (minified) mode.

If the AT multipart file (a proprietary format to carry JS and AT templates in one file) is served with the HTTP Content-Type response header typical to JavaScript files (which is not recommended by the way), deminifying it with JSD usually results in parsing errors of the multipart -- hence it is basically impossible to activate JSD on the websites using minified version of AT.

When using ATJSD instead of original JSD, the JS parts of the multipart it will be split and deminified properly, and TPL files will be left intact.

Since the add-on is configurable, you can also deminify AT multiparts which are served with different Content-Type (see below).


  1. Uninstall JSDeminifier before you install ATJSD.
  2. Clone this repo (git clone https://github.com/jakub-g/atjsd) to a C:\atjsd\ / ~/atjsd/ etc.
  3. Go to the folder, ZIP its contents and rename it to atjsd.xpi
  4. Drag & drop the XPI file into the Firefox window, and confirm installation.
  5. Restart Firefox.

Usage & Configuration

Once installed, there'll be a toggle button in your status bar (ATJSD ON / OFF), togglable per each tab.

The extension only runs for files that have HTTP Content-Type header matching the values from extensions.jsdeminifier.contenttypes in about:config (default is text/javascript, application/javascript, application/x-javascript).


Contributions are welcome. Note that any generic improvement proposals to JSD should be opened in the original repo. Open issues and pull requests to the current repo only it they concern Aria Templates files handling.

See the "hacking on this add-on" section to install the add-on in dev mode, so you can tweak the add-on without redeploying and restarting the browser.

Changes you do in the add-on's JS code should be reflected instantly in the browser once you refresh the page. Note once again that only files with certain HTTP response headers are minified. If your JS file is served as text/plain (e.g. from raw.github.com), it won't be deminified.

For quick testing, you may e.g. create from command line a throwaway server (localhost:8000) in current folder with python -m SimpleHTTPServer / python -m http.server (Python 2/3 respectively).

Hacking on this add-on

  1. Uninstall JSDeminifier before you install ATJSD.
  2. Clone this repo (git clone https://github.com/jakub-g/atjsd) to a C:\atjsd\ / ~/atjsd/ etc.
  3. Locate your profile folder (open about:support page in Firefox, find Profile Folder -> Show Folder button).
  4. In $profileFolder/extensions/ folder, create a text file named atjsd@ariatemplates.com and put there the path from step 2, with trailing slash, without trailing whitespace.
  5. Restart Firefox and confirm installation.

JSDeminifier original readme

uses the javascript beautifier from jsbeautifier.org to beautify all http responses with the mime type text/javascript or application/javascript.

WARNING: this plugin is applied globally and may screw up your web browsing session.


  • doesn't handle character encoding properly
  • weird errors when calling 'this.originalListener.onStartRequest(request, context);'