Ascent into the Depths of Beyond -- A roguelike game
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Ascent into the Depths of Beyond

The Scarlet Plague overran your village in a day and was gone as suddenly as 
it came.  Unlike the lucky ones who had died swiftly albeit screaming in 
torment, you bear no outward signs of disease at present.  But you are marked 
for doom just the same.  And though you have spent all that remains of your 
fortune in consulting with the finest apothecaries in the land they have 
proved powerless to halt the plagues macabre advance.  So you wind down your 
affairs and prepare for death.  For it is better to die cleanly by ones own 
hand then to spend the rest of ones days writhing in the hellish agony that is 
the implacable fate of the Red Reaver's victims.

But then from a chance pilgrimage to the Temple of Stars comes a glimmer of 
hope.  The oracle who resides there has shown you the location of the fabled 
Depths of Beyond where over 1000 years ago the experiments of a mad alchemist 
went horribly wrong, rending the fabric of reality in ways the sages of our 
times can scarcely fathom.  They say magic flows uncontrollably there.  
Strange gibbering beasts from unknown dimensions haunt accursed corridors and
perhaps the unshriven spirit of the alchemist still remains.  Even if not, 
some of his potions and philtres surely must survive.  And perhaps from them
may be distilled the cure that you seek.  It is a long shot but...what do you
have to lose?


AitDoB is currently distributed as source.  You will need a C++ compiler 
capable of handling the C++11 standard and the ncurses library to compile it.  
So far it has only been tested with g++ 4.6 on Ubuntu Linux 10.10 and Debian
GNU/Linux 6.0.

Change to the directory containing the source code and compile the program 
like this:

$ make

...Then run it from the directory

$ ./aitdob

...or install it like this

# make install

This will install into /usr/games.  You can change the location by setting the
PREFIX variable.  So for example:

PREFIX=/usr/local make install 

...will install into /usr/local/games.

A more flexible build framework and perhaps some prebuilt binaries will be 
provided soon.


h, left cursor key  = move west     y = move northwest                     
j, down cursor key  = move south    u = move northeast
k, up cursor key    = move north    b = move southwest
l, right cursor key = move east     n = move southeast

!      = launch a shell
CTRL-R = refresh the screen.
Q      = exit.