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Welecome to Grizzy

Grizzy is a better way to organize your D3 code. It is not a framework. It does not reinvent D3. It does not change your application or try to take over parts of your app that handles your model, ajax, or anything you might find to be obtrusive. What grizzy is about is reducing what part of D3 to use, creating "dumb" D3 components, and following a reactive pushed based design. While setting this constraints, grizzy with allow you to create elegant, complex, and meaningful transitions without the pain of callback hell... and without a lot of state management.

Following the lead of React and D3 gizzy encourages a user to write push base code. Please read the doc for more understanding, but if you are familiar with D3 you will be ready to use grizzy. Under the hood grizzy uses Observables from RxJS, so if you like RxJS to deal with your asynchronous code you are going to like grizzy even more.

All D3 functions follow the convention of the following

function(selection) {
    return selection.enter()

Grizzy has two main functions amoung others. They are draw and drawSchedule. As you read the docs you will find them to be written almost exactly the same beside one big difference in functionality. draw creates single instances of D3 DOM elements while drawSchedule with load creates animation sequences in order from left to right.

draw functions run independently

function render(data) {

drawSchedule must be arguments of load and include a key for an event listener

function render(data) {

Install it

npm install grizzy


git clone
cd grizzy
npm install
npm run validate

Run Examples

cd grizzy/examples/`<example>`
npm install



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