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Flexible, RFC 1413 compliant Ident daemon with NAT support


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Version 3.1.0

Flexible, RFC 1413 compliant Ident daemon with NAT support.

oidentd is a flexible Ident daemon for Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, and
DragonFly BSD.  It is highly configurable, allowing the system administator to
define custom responses based on host and port pairs.  The administrator can
also grant capabilities to individual users to allow them to change their Ident
replies, generate random replies, or hide their connections.  oidentd supports
lookups for NAT connections and is able to forward queries to other servers.
Detailed descriptions of all features are available in the manual pages.

The INSTALL file contains instructions for installing oidentd.  The HACKING
file describes how to work with the source code.  Please consult the file for information about the supported kernels.

oidentd is maintained and developed by Janik Rabe <>, with
contributions from many people who are listed in the AUTHORS file.  oidentd was
originally written by Ryan McCabe <>.

The most recent version of oidentd is available from

Please report any bugs or submit pull requests on GitHub: