Recursive DNS/DNSCurve server and comandline tool to debug DNS/DNSCurve
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dq tool

  • based on dnsq and dnsqr from djbdns
  • added IPv6 support
  • added DNSCurve support (Streamlined/TXT)

dqcache recursive server

  • based on dnscache from djbdns
  • added support for streamlined DNSCurve
  • added support for TXT DNSCurve
  • added support for combined DNSCurve (streamlined and TXT)
  • added support for DNS anchors with DNSCurve keys
  • added full IPv6 support
  • added support for IPv6 DNS anchors
  • added support for cache dumping/loading
  • used siphash24 instead of hash5381 in cache library
  • added SOA record caching
  • added authority record to DNS response
  • improved logs - IPs not printed in hex format
  • fixed CVE-2012-1191
  • fixed CVE-2008-4392