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Food in X

Heavily inspired by Neven Morgans Food in PDX page I set up Food in Hamburg in November 2013. Over the last few months I enjoyed writing these tiny reviews of venues I ate at. Partly to keep track of venues I liked, partly to assamble a general list of good restaurants, bars, etc in the city.

Since I'm not good at judging and filtering commercially interested food recommendations done by i.e. travel magazines, I'd like to see these personal lists pop up for other cities. So, please go ahead, throw the code on your server and start reviewing places you deem worth checking out.



  • Download the code.
  • Upload it to a PHP server (5.3+) of your choice.
  • Update the config in the index.php file, so that it matches your setup.
    • Optional: Modify the existing theme or create your own. If HTML and CSS is not your thing: A default theme is in the making.
  • Go ahead and edit your list of venues in /data/venues.php.
  • That's it, I think.

Notes & Thoughts

  • Do not hesitate to change the design & functionality of your Food in X site. The default layout is a basic starting point. Feel free to do whatever you like with it.
  • There's nothing wrong with setting up your own site, even if somebody else is already covering the city you live in. These are personal, very subjective lists. The more the better!
  • Questions? http://twitter.com/janoelze or jan@codein.is.
  • Since I miss the times of blogrolls I'd be happy to link to your site in the footer of janoelze.de/food-in-hamburg/ so we can pull up a small directory of food-in-x sites. Drop me a line at jan@codein.is with the URL to your site.

All cities

Non city-specific